Just a look into my life.

Check me out. This isn’t my tumblr, twitter or Facebook. This is a look into my life. Those other networks I post random thoughts, etc. This is gonna be more raw I guess. My life, my pursuit of happiness, if you will. So before we go further, a little about me 🙂

I’m a model, not by intention, but it’s growing on me.
I’m truly an actor tho. Aspiring of course! I hope that I’ll make it one day.
I hope that I’m successful and I can make some decent money because most importantly..
I will soon be a loving husband to the greatest girl.
And plan to be a loving and supportive father.
My girlfriend is a college student, and I am so proud of her and can’t wait to see her graduate!
I graduated from DropOut University with a degree in Chasing Dreams.
I appreciate that she doesn’t think less of me for not finishing school.
I love zombies.
I also have a dog named Maxx who I love so much.
I used to be very involved in music. I was a hip hop artist. I still do things under a hometown label GMFL Records.
Speaking of hometown, Im from Pittsburgh, Pa. Go Steelers!!!!

Hmm that’s enough I just wanted to fill yinz in a bit. If you’d rather deal with the randomness of my other pages, feel free to follow!



Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my journey through life!!


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